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Yankee Ingenuity for the Information Age!

Its a long way from the rocky coast of Maine to the sleek, modern business parks in "Silicon Valley"... Yet, beyond the cliches of quaint country villages and rugged lobstermen lies a tradition of p2p production and open governance comparable to Wikipedia, Linux or Mozilla Firefox.
HumbleHackers is where the generation of Ubuntu, Android and MakerFaire meets the folks down the road who built their own truck out of junkyard parts. Part ethnography and part Hack-A-Thon, we're looking to connect with people who look at the longstanding problems facing local schools, transportation, food production, governmental transparency, public libraries or anything else and says "I have a solution!"...


OpenTransit Project

MicroTracker- Open Source Vehicle Location Transmitter

Mesh Networks for Flexible Rural Transit

The Flying Yankee- A DIY, Foldable E-Bike!

Commons Course Outline

Modified Transit Info Display